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Athletes Registered in the 2015 Tournament.
    as of Thursday, August 11, 2022 at 8:15 pm.

Athlete    Division    Status
Arsenault, Phil    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Bean, Judith    Compound Senior Women    Registered
Berrevoets, Neil    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Biscaro, Justin    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Bogoev, John    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Bondy, Jacob    Compound Cadet Men    Registered
Canuel, Gilles    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Caudle, Gayle    Recurve Senior Women    Registered
Champagne, Allison    Compound Senior Women    Registered
Champagne, Claude    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Champagne, Jonathan    Compound Cadet Men    Registered
Chénier, Virginie    Recurve Senior Women    Registered
Clark, Janice    Recurve Senior Women    Registered
Cooney, Lucas    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Cooper, Brian    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Cusson, Marthe    Compound Senior Women    Registered
deabreu, wayne    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Dearing, Kyle    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Denys, Alec    Compound Senior Men (Para Athlete)    Registered
Dong, Ning    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Dowling, Kieran    Recurve Cadet Men    Registered
Drouin-Lessard, Mario    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Dubois, Claude    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Dupuis, Alexandre    Compound Senior Men    Incomplete
Edwards, Hayden    Recurve Cadet Men    Registered
Evans, Kevin    Compound Senior Men (Para Athlete)    Registered
FAGAN, ANDREW    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Foster, Luke    Recurve Junior Men    Registered
Fulsang, Brad    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Gagnon, Rony    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Gélinas, Marie-Eve    Recurve Cadet Women    Registered
Gervais, Rémi    Recurve Cadet Men    Registered
Hayashi, Kaho    Recurve Senior Women    Registered
Hudson, Bob    Compound Senior Men (Para Athlete)    Registered
Johnston, Lyndon    Compound Junior Men    Incomplete
Jung, Julia    Recurve Senior Women    Registered
Kang, Jimmy    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Koopman, brennan    Recurve Junior Men    Registered
Kutertan, Susan    Recurve Senior Women    Registered
Létourneau, Dany    Recurve Cadet Men    Registered
Levac-Noiseux, Ève    Recurve Cadet Women    Registered
Levac-Noiseux, Cynthia    Recurve Junior Women    Registered
Liu, George    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Lynch, David    Recurve Cadet Men    Registered
Martin, Luc    Compound Senior Men (Para Athlete)    Registered
Martin, Tyler    Compound Cadet Men    Registered
Maskell, Hayley    Recurve Cadet Women    Registered
Maxwell, Brian    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
McClean, Fiona    Compound Senior Women    Registered
McLachlan, James    Recurve Junior Men    Registered
Mile, Andrea    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Miller, Jonathan    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Mironov, Egor    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Mozhar, Alex    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Ng, Daniel    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Nguyen, Hamilton    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Nott, Robbie    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Paquette, Alexandra    Compound Cadet Women    Registered
Parenteau, Benny    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Perkins , Christopher    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Perreault, Ron    Compound Senior Men    Registered
persaud, devin    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Peters, Chris    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Piette, Robert    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Pregent, Patrick    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Prieditis, Alexander    Recurve Junior Men    Registered
Relf, Cathy    Recurve Senior Women    Registered
Richardson, Liam    Recurve Junior Men    Registered
Rivest bunster, Patrick    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Robert, Catherine    Compound Senior Women    Registered
Roth, Katie    Compound Senior Women    Registered
Roth, Rick    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Rousseau, Claude    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Sabourin, Ray    Compound Senior Men    Pending
San Luis, Bryan-Joseph    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Scholbeck, Emma    Recurve Senior Women    Registered
Sederavicius, Lina    Recurve Senior Women    Registered
Serdynski, Adam    Recurve Junior Men    Registered
Solc, Molly    Recurve Senior Women    Registered
Stevens Woo, Lyla    Recurve Cadet Women    Registered
Summerfeldt, Grant    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Taylor, Gary    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Thibault, Émilie    Recurve Junior Women    Registered
Thiffeault Picard, Georcy-Stéphanie    Recurve Senior Women    Registered
Tremblay, Cédric    Compound Senior Men    Registered
tremblay, janick    Compound Senior Women    Registered
Tremblay, Kyle    Compound Senior Men (Para Athlete)    Registered
Urosevic, Stefan    Recurve Junior Men    Registered
Vallières , Cassandra    Compound Senior Women    Registered
Van Delst, Daphne    Recurve Junior Women    Registered
Van Nest, Karen    Compound Senior Women (Para Athlete)    Registered
Vézina-Boucher, Joël    Recurve Junior Men    Registered
Verdugo Paredes, Emilio    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
Vrakking, Kateri    Recurve Senior Women    Registered
Warburton, James    Recurve Senior Men    Registered
YOURTH, SCOTT    Compound Senior Men    Registered
Yueh, Tony    Recurve Senior Men    Incomplete
Zhu, Hao Cheng    Recurve Senior Men    Registered

Equipment     Senior     Junior     Cadet     Totals
Compound  27 / 9  1 / 0  3 / 1  31 / 10
Recurve  25 / 12  8 / 3  5 / 4  38 / 19
Totals  52 / 21  9 / 3  8 / 5  69 / 29

98 Registrants.

Men in Blue / Women in Red. Includes "Registered", "Pending", "Incomplete" and "Wait-List".

Duplicate registrations may be displayed. They will be resolved once the individual's registration is finalized.

"Registered" means that everything is good
"Pending" means that we're awaiting your payment
"Incomplete" means that we have all your information, but you haven't told us about your method of payment

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